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video excerpts

2 minutes: 

Judith FLEX Helle, managing and artistic director of Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles 

snippets from "LedZAerial", "Winterreise", "The Elements", "Lift Ticket", and "Firebird Rising"


90 seconds:

TRAILS: a ballet about the California environment and climate change. Images from NASA, media art by Paul Ackerman.

Music by Phillip Glass

Choreography by Emilie Goldblum, Mathieu Leopold, Jennifer Curry Wingrove, Francisco Gella, and Damien Diaz. 

Concept and artistic direction by Judith FLEX Helle

Music director: Phoenix Delgado

The Last Supper

90 seconds:

What if Jesus, Mary, and Judas went to Coachella?

Dance Theatre Choreography by Jamal Story and Judith FLEX Helle 

Music by your fave 90's bands: Nirvana, Radiohead, Weezer... and more!

Listen to My Heart

3 minutes:

Excerpt from “Listen To My Heart” 

Choreography by Judith FLEX Helle 2015

Music by Floating Points


2 minutes:

Franz Schubert's "Winterreise" 

Choreography by Judith FLEX Helle 2017

Dancers: Allynne Noelle, Thomas Garrett Brown

Musicians: Francois Chouchan, piano; David Castillo, baritone


5 minutes:


World Premiere ballet and aerial symphonic dances 

Composer Erich Bulling with the New Valley Symphony Orchestra, March 2015  


Damien Diaz, Judith FLEX Helle


8 minutes: 


Dance Theatre Choreographed for Luminario Ballet by Deborah Lynne Brown, head choreographer of Cirque Du Soleil 

Music: Florence and the Machine

World Choreography Awards, 2013