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Luminario Ballet repertory programs include: "TRAILS",  with NASA and Phillip Glass; contemporary ballet en pointe; rock ballet, aerial dance, and the irreverent dance theatre piece, "The Last Supper" (photos above)

Excerpts in 5" from:

1. "The Last Supper" dance theatre

2. "Listen To My Heart" ballet w/ aerial

3. "TRAILS" w/ NASA ballet w/ video

4: Schubert's "Winterreise" neoclassical ballet

Full concert programs from 60-90"

Luminario Ballet June 23 At SKIRBALL!

Thank s to all who attended our Skirball and Faisdodo June performances!

Right, a Lewitzky "Inscape" inspired pose on the grounds of Skirball Cultural Center.

Costumes: Rudi Gernreich

Choreographed in 1976 by Bella Lewitzky

Music: Larry Attaway

Reconstructed by John Pennington of Pennington Dance Group

Costumes reconstructed by Diana MacNeil

photo: Ted Soqui

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"The Last Supper"


"The Last Supper"

Click to view 7" clips from the whole show!

"...What if.... Jesus, Judas, and Mary went to Coachella 2017?.." Well they did!!! Luminario's steamy dance theatre piece! Music by Nirvana, Radiohead, Weezer and MORE!




Click to view short clips of the 50minute piece! 

Ballet and aerial dance to the songs of Led Zeppelin!

"Listen To My Heart"


"Listen To My Heart" 

Click to view a short excerpt of this aerial ballet-

A trip through a family wedding...to jazz electronica from Floating Points  "Elaenia"

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Luminario Ballet is supported in part, by a grant from the LA County Arts Commission

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