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Managing and Artistic Director: Judith FLEX Helle
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photo: Paul Antico Creative Antics www.dancephotographer.com

Luminario Ballet is a contemporary ballet company also presenting classic modern dance repertory and aerial dance. Our dancers live in LA, but come from everywhere, representing the region's diversity and excitement.

Our choreographers range from classically inspired such as San Francisco Ballet's Michael Smuin and Polish ballet Maestro Stefan Wenta, to edgy contemporary choreographers such as Josie Walsh and Jamal Story. 2013 guest choreographer was Debra Lynne Brown, choreographer of 13 Cirque du Soleil shows.

Debra Lynne Brown's piece "Brace...yourself" was seen in our Season 4 Rep Shows at the El Portal,  at the Ford Amphitheatre at the LA/SoCal Dance Invitational, and at the World Dance Awards, October 13, 2013. Photo below Video link of "Brace...yourself" HERE

Brace yourself pic

Luminario Ballet is honored to have performed two Bella Lewitzky modern dance pieces, "Recuerdo" in 2009 and "Turf" in 2010, set by Lewitzky Dance members John Pennington and Diana MacNeil. photo below: "TURF"  Choreographed by Bella Lewitzky, 1993 following the Los Angeles riots.                 


Turf tower

Luminario Ballet is also at the forefront of the synergy happening between aerial and dance, with Judith FLEX Helle's "Lift Ticket" below right, and Alexandre Magno's "Cheers darling" below left ("So You Think You Can Dance", Madonna), his first combined aerial/ballet piece in 2010.


Special accolades:

Dance Magazine's Wendy Perron names Luminario Ballet director Judith FLEX Helle to her Top 5 List of Women in Dance Leadership in Southern California*, July 2014.

World Dance Awards nominates Luminario Ballet artistic director and choreographer Judith FLEX Helle for


see the nominated piece- excerpt from "Lift Ticket"  click HERE   http://www.worlddanceawards.com/     

See video clips from  our repertory on our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/luminarioballet


About Luminario Ballet's managing and artistic director Judith FLEX Helle:

Judith grew up in Boston Massachusetts and studied dance at the Walnut Hill School, Boston Center for the Arts, and the Alvin Ailey School of American Dance NYC. She has a BFA in Film from the San Francisco Art Institute, where she made dance films of the experimental modern punk dance company, the Oblong Rondas. In 1981, she left the US to dance in Berlin, Germany at the Deutsche Opera Berlin, where she formed her first dance company "FLEX", with dancers from the Deutsche Opera and other fine US and European ballet/modern companies.

Alongside her dance and choreography career, Judith became well known for her daring, exciting, tempermental, and emotional performances on the trapeze, allowing her to have a dual career as a dancer and a trapeze artist, prior to Cirque du Soleil's conquering the world. While in Berlin, she also appeared in movies, TV shows, theatricals of all kinds, cabaret, industrials, and experimental theater.

She moved to LA in 1988, where she taught dance at Idyllwild School of the Arts, performed in Los Angeles with various companies, and signed with dance agent Julie McDonald. After retiring from dance in 1996, she continued to have a very successful career performing as a single trapeze artist, surfing the wave of popularity via Cirque du Soleil. At this time she also became highly sought after as a private aerial dance coach, and her students are now stars of the international cirque world. She has unlocked the key to integrating aerial dance into terra dance, and the dancers in Luminario Ballet truly are venturing into new uncharted territories in the air. Judith finds the global conversation about dance here in LA, and holds up her end with Luminario Ballet! 

* Top 5 Women in Dance Leadership CLICK HERE to see article


Judith FLEX Helle, Charles Evans Jr, Pamela Sapetto, Martin Sapetto, Jann Berman, Steven Yablok

Special Members:

David Sukonick, Ellen Feingold, Joseph Bower, Mary Hornsby Lewis and William H. Lewis

Staff: Marcelin Jurbina, Assistant to the Director

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